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der Bundeswehr-Kampagne: “Bundeswehr-Tagebuch: Drei Soldaten erzählen aus ihrem Job” hier der OnlineBeitrag

Post aus China

Dear Dirk, Very glad to e-meet you. This is Xia, syndication coordinator of Conde Nast Traveler China, a new launched Chinese travel magazine affiliated to Conde Nast Group. I am writing to request your permission in publishing your following photo in our upcoming October issue.   It will be very appreciated if you grant the permission to us and also send the hi-res file J Thank you very much, Best regards, Xia — Xia YAN | 闫夏 Syndication Coordinator Condé Nast Traveler· 悦游 Tel: 86 10 59633411 Mobile: 86 13581982358 Mail: xia.yan@condenast.com.cn Address: 25F, Tower 1, China Central Place Office Building No.81 Jian Guo Road, Chao Yang District, …